You want to structure your own DNS server?

You want to realize the intelligent DNS analysis?

You want to carry on the individuality DNS development?

   WinMyDNS is the Company introduced a new type of DNS intelligent analytic software, which Based on the windows platform.

      The software addition to the basic DNS general analytic function, it can automatically identify the source browser, and to the same domain name DNS analytic intelligent machines  to the dual-line  telecommunications Netcom or IP, so that customers visit your nearest site. At the same time the system can also be analyzed automatically server downtime detection, in order to ensure visitors always visit to the normal servers.     

   The system also DNS configuration information stored in ACCESS or MSSQL databases, application development, application specific DNS, as long as the SOA in the database table and RR records can facilitate change completed.

      The system and squid, and other Web cache software perfect combination  of structures belonging to their own CDN accelerator.

Latest Release: WinMyDNS 1.60, 6.1.2008

WinMyDNS V1.60 (Free)

Top Rated Features of WinMyDNS

  • Lane intelligent DNS analysis

    The only Windows-based platform, a two-lane intelligent DNS analytic system.Through WinMyDNS users can easily perform dual DNS analytic and intelligent smart URL forwarding.

  • Save Data in ACCESS/MSSQL

    DNS data preservation in ACCESS or  MSSQL database, so long as may complete the DNS analysis function to the database record operation.

  • Based on windows platform

    Based on the windows platform, supports windows 2000 or 2003, needs to install .net 1.1 or .net 2.0 framework.

  • WEB Management

    The software configuration of the Web management system that can form on the Web WinMyDNS through all the functions of management.

  • Free IP table  definition

    This software can facilitate the free Web definition DNS management analytic strategy. Network group can be defined, and defined the IP packet allocation table below.

  • Automatic backup

    This software daily 16:00 automatic WinMyDNS used by the database backup, and the preservation of the backup directory. To effectively reduce the risk of system failures.

  • Secondary  development

    With traditional paper-based DNS system different. WinMyDNS complete the configuration information stored in ACCESS / MSSQL database. Users secondary development, as long as the ACCESS / MSSQL database records addition, deletion, modification can be easily completion of the second development.

  • Downtime detection  

    Downtime can be added to the series of machines to detect downtime. When it is discovered that the server illogical, it automatically to another DNS analytical machine. To ensure that your customers can visit at any time to the normal servers.

  • Load blancing

    Can be added to the machines set up load balancing weights. Under the system automatically proportion to weight ratio of the visit.

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